Private Personal Security

Comprehensive Close Security from San Francisco’s Leading Personal Protection Security Company

We offer premium personal protection services to reduce liability. Our security protocols are effective and enable you to maintain your lifestyle with minimum intrusion.


Flexible timings offered

Personal security service often involves tough working hours, but we are not ones to back down from a challenge. When it comes to private security San Francisco, we give you an added layer of protection through our policy of flexible working hours. We are enthusiastic about what we do, so work never really ends for us. This way, you get round the clock private security service and we get to do what we love!


Close protection training

As a personal protection security company, we know not all situations can be handled through muscle. Especially when it comes to private protection sensitive situations, which must be dealt with care, present themselves quite often. Coming from a background enriched in law enforcement techniques and strategic military training, we have a uniquely designed close protection training program for our agents. All close protection agents are put through this rigorous program involving real life simulations so that they are equipped to deal with unusual circumstances on site. Our training is also aimed at improving critical thinking skills so that unwanted situations can be addressed in a smart fashion.


Protection for all types of clients

SVR personal security solution promises to offer you the safety guarantee and skill you need. In the past we have worked with clients hailing from diverse backgrounds and have successfully provided them satisfactory personal protection. Whether you are a dignitary, celebrity, or a private citizen, we extend our services to all.

VIP or dignitary protection

Celebrity protection

Private security for citizens

Escort security support

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Suitably qualified agents

For personal security, our agents are carefully selected to maintain the uncompromising quality of our service. Adept at working under pressure and making instant decisions, our highly qualified agents are the best you can get in the industry. Equipped with strong observational skills, our close protection team knows how to identify and mitigate signs of trouble before they manifest into a full-fledged problem. Our close protection agents are also connected with the rest of the team for purposes of live reporting and prompt extra support as required.

Safety and confidentiality guaranteed

VIP clients are often concerned about confidentiality of their activities since close protection involves tailing the client constantly. It is very important to hire a security service that is reliable and has high standards of confidentiality. At SVR Security Solutions, we adhere to the principle of stoic professionalism. Your activities do not concern us – only your safety does. Rest assured, dignitaries and other high profile clients can resume their routine activities without worrying about confidentiality. For further information on how we guarantee confidentiality, please get in touch with us.

Budget conscious personal security solution

Is affordability a primary concern for you? Many customers often end up opting for low quality security services due to budget restrictions. We offer a way out through this problem. By offering competitive pricing and packages, we provide a budget conscious solution without affecting the quality of our services. This way, ordinary citizens and foreign dignitaries alike can avail private protection without compromising their safety or quality.