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3 Qualities of an Excellent Security Guard

As an owner of any category business, your first instinct is to invest in a technologically advanced security solutions as an unbeatable defense mechanism. However, the human factor in a security system remains indispensable. The standard of security is only achievable by a human security guard who works as a consciously active security system with the benefit of making decisions according to the situation.

A security guard is responsible for protecting your property/ building/ business and preventing any damage and threat possessed by the society including scenarios of violent protests in extreme cases. A security guard will also manage your security system technicalities.

Being a security guard is a tough job and requires exceptional personality traits such as steadiness, confidence, flexibility etc. some of the qualities that make an individual and excellent security would include

Mental Attributes:

Mental attributes refer to the strong cognitive processes of the mind. In the career of a security guard, mental steadiness is as important as physical. An excellent security guard has sharp sense and the ability to strategize action-based solutions quickly.

A security guard should be able to handle stressful situations without apparent bluffing and make rational decisions in the favor of the employer’s benefit and safety. The ability to make a good decision should be objective and not hasty.

Some other important mental traits include:

• Observation
• Good judgment skills
• Multitasking
• Honestly and integrity
• Time punctual in management
• Organized
• Good memory (ability to recognize unusual behavior and patterns)
• Ability to work in a team
• Leadership skills
• Cool temperament.

Another often required skill of a security guard is report writing. It may not be a lesson from your training but certain companies require you to submit a weekly or monthly written report with all the details of the parameters and security systems

Physical Fitness:

The job of a security guard is fairly risky and requires a healthy body and fitness. For a security guard, physical fitness should mean the physical capacity of tolerating a hectic day that includes hours of standing indoor and outdoor, strong muscles to avoid spasms, good runner and strength to stop certain kind threads.

Physical fitness is also important because body steadiness plays a role of defense in extraordinary situations. For a security guard, physical fitness also includes eye and hand coordination and the ability to move quickly while handling a weapon. Although the use of weapons is rare, it remains a requirement.

Attitude and Quick Response:

The attitude of a security guard creates the first impression for the audience/ strangers.
A security guard with a sharp attitude is still required to appear respectful and approachable.
Along with a sharp look, a security guard should be excellent and calm communicators.
Clear communication is key in all professional fields. However, it is viable and important in the career of a security guard. Communication is the first line of defense for a security guard and also a non-invasive weapon from keeping the situation from escalating.


A technological security system only helps you record the situations all around without employing too many individuals but a security guard is important to handle situations first hand. An excellent security guard should be mentally and physically sharp with ratio and quick responses to prevent any threats.

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